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Hey J !!!

Wow, I cant believe all the stress you're dad is dealing to you right now. Please, please just stay within yourself and your mom and husband and keep praying. Everything is going to be ok. You cant change anyone else, so pray for them, right?
You know that i was using when i was pregnant and i told my doctor. the first thing EVERYBODY (childrens services, the doctor, the nurses, the midwife, and the docs and nurses and counselors at the detox i went to) wanted me to do was to get on methadone. METHADONE ! its true that if you stop taking the sub ct that you have a high chance of having a spontaneous abortion. So when you talk to your doctor, and im REALLY glad that you are, make sure that he understands exactly what sub is and the reason that you are currently on it. Im so glad that you are going to print out info to take to him. Thats a wise move on your part.
J - girl - I pray for you every night, I always have since we met. God is on your side, and that baby's side. The things you are doing right now, i know from all the "conversations" that we have had, are the things that are going to benefit that child in the end. You are NOT a selfish person. You ARE a good mommy ! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. This child is your dream, and your future. Fight for him with every breath of your being.

Please let me know how the appt goes... i'll be looking forward to hearing from you, as always.

Love, Michelle :angel:
nobody is passing judgement on her,i was just reminding her that she was obtaining her sub thru illigal means and that the dr might not think to highly of that.he will most likely give her the sub and i hope he/she does,in fact the dr that i myself go to to get the sub has a girl that is also pregnant and he is allowing her to remain on sub thru the pregnancy and after if need be.if the baby is showin signs of w/d it will be monitered in the hosiptal and slowly weaned off the drug.i dont think social services will get involved with her or not,she said they would probably have to be notified and as long as the dr said she and the baby where fine then there would be no problems.this is what the girl herself told me about her being pregant while on the sub.its not the big a deal,not like herion or methadone.good luck-spark