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Hello i am 35 yeaRS old and i have been taking HYDROS now for a little over a year and I have went threw WDs once before and I do not think I can go threw that pain again on my own. I can not go to REHAB because my husband as no idea about me taking these pills i take about 10 or more aday 10 mg and if i do not have HYDROS then i take METHADONE to keep me from having WDs but i am scared i will want to take more of them also. If i talk to my pain dr dose anyone knows if they will be able to help me without going into REHAB?? If anyone can help me please do so i have to go threw this all along because my husband does not support me in anything HE THINKS that people should be able to stop anything that they want to and when they want to he does not understand or care... THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND FOR ANY HELP...
sorry you'er going through wds maybe this will help. i started taking tabs also because of an accident and to make a long story short i progressed all the way to a methadone clinic now your talking about wds you're so sick for 10 days then you feel like you're withdrawling off tabs for the next 3 weeks i thought i'd never be normal again, well i got back on the liqiud handcuffs again and yesterday was my first day of wds and i thought i was going to die. but there's a med called subutex & suboxone and only certain drs can prescibe it, I took my first one this morning and felt lots better, you may want to checkk on this in your town because you will not suffer at all. good luck