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Wow , to A and alll of you that have the self control to taper and quit w/o the help of meth or sub. Its funny now but i remember a few years ago leaving work and driving all the way accross town just to pick up 6 tabs then driving to my gf work to drop off 3 for her just to function for a couple hrs. It seemed like by the time I got back to work I was already needing more .Every call I made was to hook up ,then wait which was the worst part .Thankfully we went through this together and no matter how many i had i would always be sure to split them 50/50 with her. The only problem was after eating 20 LT's a day each 240 a month from the dr and the rest from the street at 3 to 4 $ a pc I was just completely broke. Thankfully my family Dr switched us to methadone and within a couple months i started feeling worthy again. Unfortunately I continued to take somas (3) a day without realizing they were reacting to each other causing blurred vision, and the garfield eyes literally falling asleep everywhere i went. I just thought it was the methadone. In order to maintain my job I turned to methanphetamine.Bad idea. Now with 2 major addictions I didnt think I would ever dig my self out.Thankfully after several attempts I was able to kick the meth habbit over a month ago. After 3 yrs on methadone my Dr changed me to sub. Only 6 mths ago i was on 8 mg a day and was able to taper off completely 2 days ago by deliberately running my self short for the month. After 6 yrs of Lt's, methadone, and sub, and 3 years of smoking meth I have managed to quit both on my own with the support of my gf ,family, and friends. Dont be ashaimed to tell them of your addiction after all its more like a disease and can happen to anybody. I find my self breaking bad when I hear people talking about scoring Lt's or oxys. I wish someone wouldve educated me before I got hooked. Anyway stay strong and if I can kick this on my own after 6 yrs , you can too! Best of luck and stay strong . It will only get easier.