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Perky --that is a great story. I bet when you put that in perspective it really motivates you. The crazy things we will do for the meds. I cant believe that I have stolen from friends and relatives just for a pill. I sure hope that the government gets on top of this PILL problem soon. It all starts with the "pain chart" at the hoslpitals. Dr's are scared now not to give pain meds to patients that say there level is "10". If they give them Mortin or Tylenol, then the patient could just come back and sue the DR. Not worth it to them, so they prescribe HYDRO or PERCOCET. That is just with the mild cases. The people that are in TRUE PAIN and have a legitimate problem get prescribed very potent pain pills (oxy fet) and they follow the directions to a T and BANG, they are addicted after a few months. I dont get that. The pharmacuetical companies need to have a better plan to get the people OFF the meds. They manage one end properly, but dont ever consider the other end. SUB, METHADONE, these are pills that in my mind work ONLY if you WORK THEM. What I mean is that you have to work to get off SUB just as hard as you have to work to get off HYDRO.

Just a few thoughts --