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Im new to this site but have learned quite a few tricks in my 4 years of taking( 20 )10mg LT's a day, 3 years of methadone, and 6 mths of suboxone , today being my 2nd day off the sub completely. Anyway a few suggestions with the wd's are (1.) Amodium Ad, this not only helps with the runs but has a similar molecular stucture as an opiod and may help with some of the aches and pains. (2.) Goldenseal, Valeria root, and kava kava from your local urbal store to help sleep and relax. (3) Hot showers (4) If you have the self control to keep a tab or two hidden while your going through wd , just knowing that you have it in case you absolutely need it will take care of alot of the mental addiction. Maybe give them to someone else to hold for you just in case the the wds are intolerable. (5) Take vitamins and non steroidals such as advil, aleve, motrin, and these may help with the pain as well. Depending on how long youve been on opiods it can be dangerous to you and those around you to quit cold turkey. Maybe suboxone or methadone to get your head right prior to tapering. Steer away from the meth if at all possible as it seems to be more addictive than the tabs and could cause issues with the sub induction if using over 30 mg a day. However my gf was able to taper her self of the meth in only 2 years with no wd's. Everyone is different. Myself i would suggest the sub as I went from 8 mg to 0 in 5 1/2 mths. Dont let people scare you when it comes to tapering. I get my script for an entire mth at a time and intentionaly run out with 2 days to go and by the time i get my script filled im in mild withdrawls and despite cutting the dose by 1-2 mg its almost as if I get a buzz from missing the 2 days. Anyway , good luck to all and I hope this info was helpful.