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Hey Droopy, In my experience over the last 6 years ive been through wd several times, however it wasnt by choice and I hadnt had a chance to taper (+- 20 LT's a day to ). unfortunately the wd were progressively getting worse on the 7th day.One word TAPER TAPER TAPER. After 3 yrs on methadone and 6 mths on sub I have managed to taper from 100 mg of meth to 1 mg of sub and eventially completely quitting the sub only 2 days ago. So far the wd have been very minimal as compared to suicidal in the past. My Dr always tells me to take my time tapering as theres less chance for relapse. Dont beat yourself up if you have to take a LT to ease the wd symptoms. Anyway maybe check out my posting in LT withdrawls for some helpful hints on calming your wds. Stay with it and good luck. Let me know the outcome.