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You know one of the ways that has helped me through this. MY MIND. i keep telling myself, dumbass, u did this to your self, deal with it. When i get symptons, I remind myself, wanna go through this again, go take some more pills. If you saw me you would think no way i got addicted to these things. I am a clean cut preppie that drives mercedes,lexus,rare sports cars and this stupid small pill runs my life(used to) so the worse it gets, i tell my self to make a mental note, this sucks. its almost over and if I want to feel this way again, go get some more.

I read where people go through wd's every couple monthes to not BE dependant on them. Thats foolish. why the hell would you want to go through this every couple monthes. this is my last time and thats a fact. Its in your mind. I think that if you stay busy, you dont sit around thinking about your symptoms. Next thing you know, you will be closer to better then you will be back to normal. How can a little pill affect so many people in the same way. I have never done any other drugs,dont drink, but dang it happened so secretly and by the time you realize ur hooked, your in to deep. I didnt do the sub or methadone route. I got myself in this spot, bring it on. Ill make it. I know this can be dangerous so i have relief if I needed it but everytime i think about it, i cuss those pills. If I got in dire needs, I could take one and get help. It sucks no doubt because you dont know if the worst has hit, Its a mental aganoy. It will pass and the more you do to keep your mind busy it will help. I hate to say that 2 days in I feel as good as I did after 3 weeks last time. i think u prepare yourself for it and you know its almost over. (knock on wood) but hopefully the WD's are in the latter stages. i will post and keep you updated.

Hey pain pills, Kiss my ass, i won.