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hey vicky

you'll find lots of help/support on these boards. as well as plenty of people who've been through or are going through the same thing. you've done brilliantly to get this far - just keep going. i too was a H addict (as well as taking anything possible that gave me a buzz from huffing gas to snorting E's/coke, crack etc etc), i moved on to methadone (as well as subutex briefly) and spent a year tapering very slowly off (coz i didnt want to give it up). im now 5 months clean from all opiates & feeling great. I posted all the way through my withdrawals on this board and made some great friends who were there with advice/comforting words when i needed them most. i hope you keep moving forward in the right direction and keep us posted as to how you're getting on.

take care - best wishes


keep on keepin on