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meddguy,good reply. hits home.
Lindsabins, it's only gonna get better.The worst is behind you if you are day 5 clean. Dont give in.I know it's waaaaay easier said than done but be strong,it feels sooo good afterwards just because of the tremendous effort to get to where you are right now. You know you dont want to go thru the bad stuff again.
Day 5 is BIG!!!!!
Remeber,tomorrow is Day 6!!! That is so huge!
Meddguy,I actually was going thru my worst withdrawls on top of having the flu at the same time 104 fever,can you imagine withdrawing on top of that..*lol*
I had some methadone, woulda straightened me RIGHT out...haha and I went outside and threw them in my wood boiler...and you know what kinda druggie I am...I couldnt believe it after I did it and i couldnt reach in there and pull them out...

I am getting soooo far off track here.Lindsabins,I popped in here to congratulate you on DAY 5. Believe when I know what a bad day it can be for you but please look at the good,day 5 is so hard to get to,the worst part is pretty much over and tomorrow is DAY 6.
Keep coming back.Like Meddguy said,hang in there.It only gets better!