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hey C - pheonix has pretty much summed it all up. wise words. i just thought i'd let you know that life DOES get better. i lost everything & almost went to jail. now im getting it all back - and its better now, because i appreciate it a hell of a lot more. Life might seem dull without the usual routine of scoring etc - having a habit is like a full time job without having weekends off. You need to look into finding some healthier ways to occupy the boredom - exercise is a good 1 ( i know you wont feel like it at the moment but the chemicals given off by the body during exercise are actually good for pain relief, even during withdrawals). Stick with the Sub - it gets easier and soon you wont even notice it. Its also a lot easier to taper off than methadone (which i found a nightmare). Im nearly 6 months clean from meth & i have forgotten how long ago it was since i took H. Ive never really looked back. Just keep positive and keep plowing forward with your life. You are worth more than this. And you CAN do it.
Keep posting back and letting us know how things are - its suprising how helpful posting can be.

take care - i wish you all the very best (from an ex H addict - to a future ex H addict)


keep on keepin on