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Well one big question first: Are we talking about methadone, or methamphetamine? Of course with either drug there is always a chance! Methadone is in the family of my previous drug of choice. I've been clean off opiates for eight weeks now! But again more information would be really helpful.
If its methadone then i can answer your questions (from an individual point of view). Im 6 months clean from a year taper off methadone - over a year off Heroin.

tho methamphetamine - i couldnt say, i only tried it once.

As klonklown says - more information would be helpful.


keep on keepin on
sorry goose, as i said - ive only tried methamphetamine once. I thought you might be talking about methadone (Heroin substitute). Hopefully someone will post back soon. i wish you all the very best & hope your recovery is swift.

take care


ps - thanks for the congrats - it always means a lot. :)