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In my experience as an addict and with a wide range of addicts I have a few questions to ask yourself. How close are you? Does she confide in you in regards to other things? how does she react to being confronted? etc. If she is your good friend and anything like i was i was dying inside dealing with my addiction. Chances are very high she wants to tell you so bad but is afraid of being judged, look at or treated differently. I don't think telling her you know her "secret" is the best way 2 deal with it. Talk to her about your research in concern for her. Let her know no matter what she does she still is your friend and that you can help threw her addiction etc. I know i didn't want to tell some of my friends because i was afraid they would try to talking me into quiting when i simply wasn't ready. I was addicted to oxy for almost a year and it controlled my life it ruined me financially. The only thing i could do was try the methadone program cause nothing else worked. I think you should talk to her but just don't come on to strong. push