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hey denise

I know how you feel - i tapered off methadone (i was a heroin addict) and i also had a 3yr old son to look after. Its a tough job - but you could also look at it like "you're going to make it through this for your daughter" - thats how i managed through the tough times. im not sure about tapering off subs - someone else on here will tho - so hang in there until you hear from someone. what i do know is that it is supposedly easier to taper of subs than anything else. Also - i know that feeling rough is not what we want to feel - esp when we know that a medicine can take it all away - but weigh up the time frame - a short time feeling rough, the rest of your life as a free woman?

keep us posted as to how you are doing, i wish you all the best.

take care


keep on keepin on