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hey man, im bout to kick my methadone habbit at a rdc. you are a real inspiration, just wanted to let u know that. keep ur head up and never forget the pain of addiction and the loss of worth u will enevitably feel while using. best of luck!


Its been awhile since I last posted but im pleased to say im 30 days clean. I did it! Ive gone through those terrible w/d symptoms cold turkey no methadone or sub. Just sheer will and determination. I think i hold the record with the most detoxes...maybe not but i have quite a few unsuccesful ones that im not proud of. This makes it the longest ive gone without any mind alterting substance for at least 8 years since i first starting smoking pot at the age of 14. This will be the last!! I must say theres not a day that goes by that I dont think about getting high, i hope that doesn't discourage anybody who are just now quiting. It seems everyday if not every other day I dream of certain instantces of using! I hate it! I still find it much different confronting people sober as I was always high on oxy's or herion when dealing with those kind of issues. THe drugs made me open up alot more to people and feel chatty. I still have no friends that are sober. It gets depressing. Keeping my mind busy is the best thing for me washing cars, going for hikes, watching movies, reading, listening to music. Tomorrow ill take the bus to get a physical so I start my in-patient rehab. wish me luck ;)