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ok, i understand i'm new to this board and am posting a very contriversial question but i have to say i'm in a pretty tough sittuation. backround: 4 years of opiate, mostly herion, abuse. iv been on suboxone sublingual, the first try went well, but it didnt' end up working for me. anywyas, iv been on about 80mgs of methadone ed through a clinic for 6months now. i spilled two of my daily doses yesturday and im starting to get very sick. i don't want to use herion, but i do have suboxone. i hear that if u inject suboxone 8mg tabs that it wouldn't send me into withdrawl and the naloxone would be separated in the "cooking" proccess. so this would mean i would just absorb the bubinoriphine...? i know better than to just try it, if i put one of those under my tounge right now id be hurting even worse. does anyone know anything about this theory? thx

personally i wouldnt bang up subs. i'd ride it out till you pick up again. how long til you can get your methadone?
Mixing subs with opiates has always sent me into withdrawals.


keep on keepin on
Hello Danny,

Please call the methadone clinic right away and don't take matters into your own hands; it may cause more harm than good and simply put is not a wise decision.

If your symptoms become unbearable, I would either go to the ER or, in the event that you cannot make it there, call 911 for an ambulance.

You didn't state whether or not you have any other conditions that may further be aggravated by the withdrawal symptoms.

Remember that theories are just that; they have not been proven or disproven; please don't take chances like that when there are other options available.