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hey to all and mornin.
first has ani1 had probs with the quick reply on this site cause i had a longer post ready to post and it vanished into thin air?beats me.
i would like to say that I don't feel like i belong in the nut house i have seen what its like there and i am not nuts and there are peps that need to be there so it would be a wast of bed on me,the way i see it.[i am depressed but don't belong there]
I can't believe that the detox goes on priority only,I am taking up to now 800-900mgs a day and the tell me that i am not enough of a priority.I know needle users,and i get just as sick sometimes more sick then they do 'cause i have been using for 5-6 years heavy.jerry you don't want to know what i am thinking and to be truthful i really don't think it is appropiate for this site,but bro you wouldn't believe the thoughts running through my mind over what the detox said to me and these are to be the people that are going to be helping me,or suppose to be anyway,they 'aint been much so far and that is disscomforting to think about.
coldlev,thank you so very much for the offer of a shoulder to cry on and i am sure i will need it,but all i ask now is that you just be here for me to spill my guts to once in a while,it helps more than some people know.
about the NA meeting thing its 35-45 miles to the nearest town or city and our gas is 1.50 a liter so how am i supposed to afford to travel that far to a meeting not to shoot the idea down i would if i could when i was last in rehab for stimulant addiction i religiously attended NA but could not when i returned home.
i really don't know what suboxone is ,[be sure i will google it]but if i am correct its a drug that blocks the opiate receptor so you can't get high but also keeps natural opiate levels rite so no withdrawl,rite or wrong?in any case we have a drug like that here in canada its called methadone and there is a 3 year waiting list for that,so,thats out of the question i guess.
Reach i will never give up hope of a clean life and am longing for it so much its all I think about sometimes that and drugs/morph:,you your self give me so much hope and drive or determination to succed at this,your words are truely inspirational.
i have said it bedore and i wi;; say it again i hane gotten more support from this site and its folks than i have gotten from any NA meeting or i some cases from some of my family,and for that i am truely appretiative and forever grateful.so big HUGZ to you all and i will never forget any of you.
is it normal when addicted,i mean did any1 else feel like they wish the last 10 years of your life/addiction was a dream and you could just wake up from it and it be all over?thats how i feel most days,and it makes me real sad sometimes to know that there are people out there that think a life like this isn't worth living and that consider people like us dirt or lesser persons,i feel sorry for those people for some odd reason and don't know why its strange,does tha last bit make sense to you guys?
P.S"Reach you hit it rite when you said when in doubt post it out,it looks like i really took that to heart here,lol*smile* i check in often and read sometimes at odd hours,and wee hours and it helps some-what.so xox and good day and nite to all.