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PLEASE don't even think about methadone!! that is one bad and nasty drug, and very hard to detox from. it takes a very long time. you need to be only in mild withdrawl to start sub. i waited 14 hours after my last handful of hydro's and i did just fine. i took 8mg, and in 30-40 min, i felt absolutely fine!! withdrawls stopped dead in their tracks! BUT, sub is best used ONLY for a short detox--if you don't want to have to go thru sub withdrawls and paws--take it only 2-3 weeks. i listened to my dr. (who was raking in the $$$) and now 4 months later i am having a very hard time tapering. getting off sub after long term use is about the same as getting off methadone--it takes a very long time to feel better--several months! are you going to aa/na? you need to build some kind of support system. it can be a private counselor if you don't like groups--but do something other than sub. sub is just a tool--the hard part of recovery comes after all drugs are gone.