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I'm sorry to hear of your struggle, I too have abused since I was about 15yrs old,now im 38. I have tried several times to ween off but it never lasted. My doctor gae me hydros and i loved em, im sure my doc had good intentions, but i was too young to vote, go to war,or buy alcohol, but old enough to know a good high when i felt it,thus my addiction began. I really was more of a pot head than anything else,pills were too expensive and hard to come by at the time. Since, i have tried it all weed,coke,crank,x,all the pills youve ever heard of probably...and i hate it. Nowdays my habit really isnt huge compared to reading these threads, but bad enough i go through dts within 12 hrs. of without a opiate of some kind. I have been reading up on subutex and obviously approach cautously, I dont wanna traded one monkey for another. Ive never been to rehab, never taken methadone or used any help other than my family. My wife loves and supports me 100%, but unfortunatly her opiate addiction is worse than mine, we both are literally dying to quit. We have two children so all the insentive is there,its just damn hard. Im sorry i didnt really address your question or problem, i couldnt figure out how to start my own thread. Currently im taking about 20mls of hydro, 5 tramadol,and oc's when i cant get anything else, i know these are more addictive, but of course i feel better after taking some. I think the ocs are more of a problem than anything else,but a friend of mine makes mucho money and just plain hands 80mg ocs when he's in town, luckly he works out of town mostly,he really is a good friend with good intentions,he also wishes to kick the habit. Back to Subutex, i have insurance,my wife does not, to be honest i dont know if i even want to report this on my insurance, seeing as how i really do have pain on occation(hernia surgery over a year ago that still bothers me and another hernia on the other side they want to operate on,but the operated side bothers me more than the side they want to operate on),so im worried about not getting any pain meds. after being reported to my insurance. I really think i could kick the subutex if i took it as perscribed,but thats a problem in itself. I hope somehow this helps someone, im sure many can identify anyway. Best of luck to all.