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fastest way to get methadone out of your system
drink alot of water,and alot is alot,get to a sauna and sweat as much as you can tolerate without passing out,if no sauna is around use your bathtub,run it full of hot water,turn the heater on,close the shower curtin and sweat as much as possible without passing out.

also along with the above things,you can take things like laxatives to clean yourself out as much as possible,both in the front and the back ends,know what i mean:oaside from that about all you can do is just give it time for the body to expel it,one thing bout methadone tho,i think it gets in the bones and every other nook and cranny in the human body,i dont care what the dr says about it,the done is everywhere in the body,even in the bone marow imo.it takes awhile for methadone to leave the body completely,depends on how long you been using the crap and how much per dose also.give it time bud,okay.good luck-spark