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Ive been on and off suboxone for a year now, i took it long term to come off methadone. to make a long story short.. I couldnt pay for my program got kicked off and now im buying sub off the street. I want out so badly you have no idea, im down to taking 4mgs in thr morning and at night. Ill do that for three days take pills for three days and its been like this for months... I need to know what to do, and how long this withdrawl will take.. ive spent thousands of dollars on this and im in the national guars, i cant get backl to my unit till im off... I just want to be dont with, everytime i think im mentally prepared I get scared and find a few vicodins to take, then wind of saying ill detox my self with three 8mgs pills again... what should I do.. Im done. im about to say screw it and just go through the withdrawls.. but im scared im not going to be able to work with them and if I cant work im homeless, im 25 yrs old 6'3" and am completely independnt.. what should I do please help. i just want to be done with it, im not taking it for a high anymore. but just to be able to work without being sick... im a server at a resturante. will chlonadine help?