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Hi, my name is kelly and I am a recovering pill abuser. First off are they detoxing him with anything like subutex, methadone, ect...? If they are then he will most likely be weened over about 8 days and then the detox part kicks in. Been there. I was in rehab for 11 days to detox and trust me my friend, he will most likely go through the worst w/d's when he gets home for about a week. But you don't really start feeling 100% for a couple of months. If they are detoxing without anything then he suffering tremdously but in good hands and won't feel as bad when he gets home because he should have already cleaned up by then. As far relasp goes, I think it depends on how bad a person wants to be sober. I haven't had a pill in 14 months and have had them offered to me and I turned them down, but I am now struggleing with alcholo abuse. I'm on day 2 without drinking and am starting my recoverey process again and will this time hopefully stay sober in everyway. I didn't stay with my meeting and have been drinking for 2 months straight. Best to have about of week off of work to help care for him when he comes home. Have plenty of chicken noodle soup and hot tea with honey. Have something handy for the stomach and cal/mag vitamens. Good luck and hope I helped