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-Can methadone be used, for a short period of time, to detox off of a short-acting opiate(percocet and/or Norco)?

-If so, what would be the best plan ( amount of meth used and for how long)?

_ What would be the maintainence phase thrushold (in days or weeks)? This is before your actually considered maintaining a dose.

Answers on these would be appreciated. Thanks
Methadone can be used but harder to get off then other options. Subutex is easier and safer in my opinion based on my research. Methadone and Subutex can both be maintience or weening tools that work. If you need maitience then I think its a everyday pill that you go to a clinic and stand in line and get but I could be wrong on that. A doctor may be able to RX to you. Be carefull though because people overdose on that stuff alot from trying to get high while on it. It blocks you from feeling high and people put to much drugs in their bodies and they can't handle it. It does work but do your reserch before you make a choice. I was weened on subutex and it worked great but after comming off the subutex I did feel some w/d's but not as bad as if I had gone cold turkey. I hope I helped some.