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Recently I have been trying to get off mass doses of norco and soma. Last month I used methadone for just a few days to take the brunt of the storm
of the norco and soma. Needless to say, it help out a lot with the worst part,
until I had a really bad relapse about 3 weeks later ( I can just kick myself for this...I am so pissed with myself!). Anyway I'm still beating myself up about it, mainly because of what it led to until now. I tried the whole process again, intending to take just a small amount of methadone for just a few days, but this it turn out a little different this time. This is my 7th day on methadone (yes way too long, in my book) but now I am scared shitless of what to do. I mean I really don't know how to handle this. Guys/Gales please give me some quick ideas. Your help in any way, is greatly appreciated.........
Hello Makinit

I don't know if the decision was right or wrong, but it is a moot point. The decision is history at this point and we have to work each day from where we are. So, where are you? Are you ready to tackle withdrawal?

Nobody, not one single one of us, wants to suffer at all. We would be nuts to look forward to it in any way. However, the reality is that if we want to get off drugs, no matter what our personal path to doing so, we have to brace ourselves and do it. We accept that we are going to go through withdrawal, but know that there will be an end to it.

I think the most fearful thing for me was not knowing what it was going to be like. For me it was a learn-as-I-go experience. The more I learned and understood what was happening to me and why, the more bearable it became. There were many times I felt like I was literally going to jump out of my skin, but as I understood more and more about withdrawal, I found ways to cope. I asked a million questions here and of my doctors. My life centered on withdrawal because it had to for survival. I think this is what must happen for you also.

The methadone must go because it is already being used past your own timeframe plan. Either taper off it as quickly as possible or just stop. Face the withdrawal... you have faced it before and know that it will end eventually. Gotta face the fear here and do it anyway. You can do it, you can.

Wishing you strength and bravery
methadone is a whole nuther monster!! you don't even want to think about staying on it. nothing is harder to detox from because of the long half-life, the only drug that compares is sub. i would taper off asap., can you get some clonidine? talk to a doctor to see if they can give you some comfort meds to help with the withdrawl. but get off the methadone asap!