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that means 8mg of buprenorphrine and 2mg of naloxone. and 3 of those day is a HUGE dose. sub has a ceiling effect at 16mg, so going over that will not be beneficial and will cause unpleasant side effects. sub is reportedly 50x stronger than morphine! 24mg a day is way to much unless someone has come off years of methadone maintenance. his side effects will lessen as he tapers. sub is a weird drug--the less you take--the better you feel. it's more of an agonist at low doses and it is an antagonist at higher doses. when someone is on sub at high doses, they are up-regulating their opiate receptors (making more) and this causes the withdrawl period to be much longer--the longer you're on sub, the longer and harder it is to get off. sub is best used as a short (2-3 week) detox tool. once you are on it longer than that, you are just switching addictions to a much more powerful opiate.