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Hi Lisa, my name is Brandi and I'm a recovering addict of pain pills.. Lortab and Methadone. I know the fear and depression and the pain you are feeling.. you NEED TO KEEP POSTING.. your last post was scary.. how are you doing? Let us hear from you. There are quite a few options out there for people like us. Maybe one route you want to look into is Suboxone/Subutex. It saved me.

Let us know how you are!!

I had the worst addiction to hydrocodiene.I am a straight A student that graduated with straight A's that year. was hooked from the first pill.I took in the upwards of 20 aday (Depending on the milligrams)I have never tried any other drugs but this got me for 10 hard years.I went to atleast 10 or more rehabs and nothing worked.I couldnt function without my pain pills.I thank God that its finally in my past. I also went to jail for calling in prescriptions for myself.I still cant believe that I did that.My liver shut down.I heard about Methadone alot but never tried it.Then I went to an opiate recovery progam and they put me on a low dose of methadone and for the first time ever, I have been a functioning memeber of society for three years.My life is great.Everybody loves to be around me now and I am slowly coming off of Methadone with no problems.I would never let them increase my medication like some people do and thats what helped me.I have heard horror stories abaout methadone but my story hasnt been a horror.Also Its thanks to God first that I have my life back and I will pray for you.:angel:
I feel for everone who sufferes a percocet addiction, im 23 years old I been where you are allot of you been felt what what you have felt I was taking 20 percocets a day im an addict but i did recover and still in recovery i did it the hard way i ended up in jail for 10 days because i spiraled out of control i was going to different doctors to obtain perceptions i didnt think i had a problem :( I stopped cold turkey didnt have a choice it hurt so badly but i did it im now 20 days clean off them i m in counselling and i do suffer chronic pain so the alternative they gave me was anti inflammatory (naproxen) with acetaminophen it works wonders after drying out from narcotics i still needed something for my back. comming off percocets cold is always the best way everyone is different sometime methadone is needed or rehabilitation and there always support ion the community and so many resorces if you do suffer chronic pain be honest with your doctor about addictions and they will help you! best of luck to all of you my prayers are with you