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if your doctor says there is no problem getting off sub and he has kept you at a very high dose this long--i'd get another doctor asap, because this one does not know what he's doing. sub is much stronger than morphine--MUCH stronger than hydro's. you should have been tapering all this time, because the longer you are on sub--the worse the withdrawl and paws can last a very very long time. this is NO miracle drug--it's just another opiate--a much more powerful opiate with a very long half-life. the withdrawl is very similar to methadone and just as long. sub has a ceiling effect at 8--16mg, so taking doses higher than that are not necessary and usually cause unpleasant side effects. with sub "less is more" is the general rule of thumb, meaning the lower you go, the better you feel. because sub is an agonist at lower doses and acts as an antagonist a higher doses. your dr. is a fool. most dr.s have no idea of the powerful drug they are prescribing. all they have to do is take an 8 hr on-line course to be certified to prescribe sub. it's a big money maker for them and most sub dr.s want cash--there are VERY few that will take insurance. i recommend you find an addictionologist who knows what they're doing. i'm not trying to scare you, but you are in for a very rude awakening when you try to get off sub if you believe your "doctor."! do as much research as you can now, so you'll know what you are up against.