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I mean no offence what so ever farills but heck, she is already on day 3 (day 4 i think today)i say keep it up. For me Far i would have never had the dicipline to ween, i just decided to quit and made sure there were no pills in the house. If you can be dicipline more power to ya, and if your intake is a huge amount of milligrams per day then cold turkey would not be the answer for sure. But from my own experience of id say fluctuating from 60-100 mg per day and goin cold turkey i had a week of hell but im through it and have more respect of how my body works. If i had tapered or weened with little to no wd's then i would be more prone to relapse i believe.

Again i mean no offence just stating my experience and i read your methadone post and looks like you have a great plan there for some people, i have never taken methadone so i would not know but you seem to be knowedgeable about it and i dont doubt your methods at all :)