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It's me again, hi, the wife of a drug addict. Well, methadone program is not working. period. He travels out of State all the time, and the clinic is not helpul at all in finding clinics in states where he stays at. so the result of that was usually him missing his medication. He started this on July 18th, and already missed 5 days.
And also he is a nightmare on mehtadone, paranoid, and acts crazy, worse than heroin, im telling you. and doctors are trying to tell us that i's all withdrawal symptoms, which is . how about adverse affects. when he's not on it he soooooooo much more himself. to me it seems like they're trying to keep him on this no matter what. i live with him, i know how he looks like when he has withdrawal symptoms and i see him when he's on methadone. huge difference. not to mention, he doesnt use heroin on a daily basis, but the reason i took him to a clinic on the 18th because somehting must have happened and he was on it every day for 2 weeks in a row. and never seen him like that, and scared the out of me.
so here's my plan. i go see a suboxone doctor. and wont mention that he was on methadone, all together it wasnt even that long maybe a week total. so i figured we dont tell them, they wont make such a big deal about tapering him down to a certain mg in order to start suboxone. he's not like using methadone every day the last 2 months or 6 months. so i dont think it would be a big deal him stopping it, wait a couple of weeks and start suboxone.
people who dont take mehtadone how do they start suboxone, they go in talk to the doctor and figure out the dose. right? its no point putting him back on methadone he took it for a short period of time so it might not be late to stop.
what do u think??thanks.
Hello. I will advise you just to be careful transferring from methadone to suboxone.. You absolutely cannot have much meth in your system when you have your first dose of subutex/suboxone. If you do, he might end up in the ER. Any Doc that knows his stuff will tell you you can't go from methadone to suboxone. They usually put you on something else to get the meth out of your system before you take your first dose of sub. I would strongly advise you to be honest with the Doctor.. he knows best, usually. :) I have been through this, and took the sub too early. I still had methadone in my system, and I thought I was going to die. I almost had a siezure, my hands started curling up.. it was the worst experience ever. You start having reverse withdrawals. And it can put you in the hospital. So just be careful!