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Hey mate,

Its a tough journey, and there will be cravings and mental torment etc etc. It just depends on wether you want it badly enough to 'ride out' these cravings. I understand what you are saying about your brother totally. I used for most of my life with my best mate (he's like a brother - born on the same day, same hospital etc). We used to motivate each other and tell each other how good life was going to be when we quit. But when one of you starts to weaken, thats when the mind games start. We'd convince each other to score, using lame excuses. I only managed to give up once we were at opposite ends of the country. I am currently 10 months clean from methadone, 18 months clean from Heroin (not including 2 minor slips last year.) My best friend is still using. The sad fact is that you are going to have to go it alone if you really want to make it work. Its a tough choice & its tough love - but you have to be able to only think about yourself for a while - thats what counts. You need to speak to a Dr about finding you a level of methadone that you are comfortable with - i would think that the ammount you are on isnt anywhere near as high as it should be in comparison to your heroin intake. You need to find your level. Give your head time to adjust to this and get your body on an even keel. Once you are comfortable then its time for the ;reduction ride' - discuss your taper with your Doc and go for it - you dont have to do it rapidly, take it easy and dont try and come down too much too soon. You also have to start looking for things to fill the void in your life where heroin once was- as you know, taking heroin is like having another job, it takes a lot of time & planning etc - once its gone then this will all be 'free time'. Try not to keep it free though, as the devil will find work for idle hands to do - if you excuse my phrasing. i took up mountainbiking & aikido, the endorphins released during/after exercise are a great/natural high (and they are free too :) )
Another important factor is having the right 'team' behind you. i had a counsellor, a key worker etc - people i could speak to if i needed to. I didnt do NA, but it works great for lots of people. Horses for courses.
The rehabilitation process is a lot different here in the UK, but the thing we both have in common is/was 'i've had enough - im worth more & deserve more in my life'. I wont give you any BS - it is difficult. But it IS possible. I tried for a long time before going ot on my own & cracking it. IT IS WORTH IT. You've made the 1st step. How you take it from here is up to you. I hope you find the strength & that your Bro does too.

keep us posted as to how you're doing - and keep on keeping on.

all the best