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Hi Strawberry - I've read your posts and all the replies and have followed them with interest. I first want to tell you that I've had decades worth of experience taking prescribed narcotics for various things....mostly for my menstrual cramps caused by tumors and endometriosis. I became addicted to most of them. After being clean for many, many years, I had an accident falling out of a window and breaking many bones in my body. That was in 1997 and from then until today I have had 13 spine surgeries because of more broken bones, 2 hip replacements, and various other operations. I am a very lucky woman to be alive!! But because of my addictions it became a real nightmare to come up with a way to control my pain. I was very honest with the docs and because of that I have reliable, dependable pain relief today. I am on methadone and oxycodone...but I follow the directions and I don't self-medicate. I want you to know that I've been through the withdrawals that you describe....probably more than 50 times in my life. Each one was as bad as the one before and I NEVER seemed to learn anything from the experience. I too thought I was dying by day 2 of the process. So, I do feel lots of empathy toward you Strawberry, I really do. Now, having said all that I want to give you some straight talk, maybe some tough love, not because I want to hurt you or lecture you, but because the disease of addiction talks to us and tells us a pile of lies that we usually believe. The most important lesson that I learned was this: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HEALTH and SOBRIETY! I am responsible for WHAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH! That means I don't tell myself little fairy tales about not knowing what substances I am putting in my mouth. When you went to the doc for some help, you should have told him/her the absolute truth. Maybe then you could have been helped with some pain medication as well as with a plan for weaning yourself off the narcotics. I realize that you have no insurance, but you were able to put the funds together to see the doctor for your cramps, right? Well, I would suggest that you put some $$ together and go see a doctor or clinic that specializes in the disease of addiction. They are there to help us, not to torture us. If you truly want to be rid of the narcotics then you have to keep all the doors closed! That doesn't mean that you close the door to one pill (hydros) and open the window for Lortab! You are smart enough to know that you should have asked the dr. what the prescription was, asked the pharmacist or doc if it was addictive and then opted for something else. It's just too easy to excuse the whole event by saying, I just didn't understand, I w as confused, etc. You have to get yourself to the doctor or even the emergency room and tell them that you are in the middle of severe withdrawal and you need some HELP!! I am also wondering what has happened to the legal issues of stealing the script and getting caught. Did the doctor decide not to report it to the authorities? I too wish I could reach through the computer and give you a really big hug. Good luck finding somebody who can help ease your pain Strawberry. You deserve to be free from the demons (as you call them!) Hugs - Memere