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If your over the w/d from the oxy's,I would try to go ahead and taper off the sub. It will only get harder to come off of the longer your on it, I would think. Yea,those oxy's are tough to come off of. I was addicted to dilaudid before the methadone and they were very costly too. just wish I would've tried to kick those instead of the methadone. That was just another addiction,along with the Xanax. I mean why not just go ahead and do your d-o-c (drug of choice) if you're gonna continue getting high by abusing and mixing it with xanax? That's exactly what I was doing so I got worse instead of better. Good luck to you. Do you have any king of support system to help you?
oh my GOD!! What a lie!He should not even be prescribing suboxone. I also had a previous DR. tell me that but I found the w/d very similar to those of methadone ,pure H--!! I'm just starting to taper with the sub,I'm at4-6mgs a day,but I only have 2 or 3 left and just found out I can't get anymore from the Dr. I've been seeing and don't have $500. to $1000. to find another DR. so it looks like cold turkey for me. Scared sillY!!!! So sorry to hear about your wife and kids. I'll say a prayer for you tonight. Hang in there. Everything WILL work out.
hi anybody answer your question?

I had 90 days clean time from methadone and relapsed with suboxone. I have only taken it for 4 days but am getting nervious about addiction and withdraw.do you know if I would suffer so soon? BTW im stopping so I guess ill find out anyway. thanks
How are you doing? You should be through your w/d by now. I hpoe you just went through it and did not find more Sub or methadone.