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Hey if it made you post - that makes me a happy man :) it beats any drug i've taken & any high ive experienced - well & truly

Dorskin - Happy Birthday to your little 1 on the 11th. Kids are great. Really great.

Reach - dont you try and get them 'mansize' tears of mine rolling again! As always - your words are a great comfort & strength (not only to me, but to everyone). And, yet again - you are right! my pinky is already beginning to feel a bit weird ;). Also right again with the facts: i have melted...several times today - and my boy is looking/acting way bigger/older than he did 24hrs ago! Especially when i took him to the hospital in his new school uniform :)
My little girl is being kept in the Special Care Unit at the hospital as she is 6 weeks early. Though i am totally at ease with this as she is showing great signs & impressing the Drs. This is the same unit that my boy was taken to at birth (he was also prem by 6 weeks too) And my little boy has turned out to be one hell of an amazing guy.
Life just keeps getting better.In my life I had strayed so far from the path that the view of the path seemed so far away and impossible to ever get back to. I almost gave up.

Nearly a year on from my last dosage of methadone - i have kept to the 'right' path and my life has been changed for the better in so many ways - i still dont have piles of cash & there are still the slings and arrows of every day life to deal with. Its just that the way i choose to deal with these things now, that makes the journey through life a hell of a lot easier.
And as cliched as it may sound to some - as it is a quote from a popular british film 'Trainspotting'

"Choose Life"

Its best option :)

Love and best wishes from the family Yoss :)