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The withdrawel is nothing compared to Methadone or some other demonic narcotic that latches on to those receptors. Forgive me I am wounded1 (female) and have a good 30 yrs of knowledge nothing to brag about but do have valuable info on sub,meth,benzos

so remember everyone is different and most of the medical community is clueless. I could use some support on subutex after a 8 yr Methadone run (my 2nd) went into precipatative withdrawel and spent 8 hours of AGONY in a hospital where they shoved an IV in my veinless hand and left me lay with the crashcart outside the cubicle. By the way did i mention walked out of our 8 yr marriage. He thinks 6 methadone tens aday doesn't make him an addict like me. But thats a story for another time I live in Allentown Pa. MY prayers to all