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I really can't. I've lost all my sober friends, I spend all my time with a homeless man and all we do is try to get money to buy dope and do dope. I used to like this man but now I'm seeing how crazy and angry he really is. He yells at me all the time and I really don't like him anymore, but he's my dope connection so I end up always being with him. We spend our evenings driving from place to place, waiting for hours for dealers and smoking. The majority of my day is sitting in a parked car smoking cigarettes actually. My arms are always sore, bruised, and swollen. I'm almost broke. It's really getting to be a miserable, pathetic life. I tried to quit recently and get on methadone, but within two days I said F methadone, I need to get high. I don't even really get high anymore. I posted earlier about how I don't like AA, are there any other recovery groups that meet like that that aren't AA? I feel really lonely and I don't know how I can do this alone. I'm always around these 40 and 50 year old men who are still waiting around for the dope man and I really don't want that to be me, but when I'm sober I miss heroin so much that I just do it and don't even care about the consequences at the time. This post is a bit aimless like the rest of my life but I just wanted to express my feelings to someone.
Hi Dig - to get clean, i know its a cliche but you REALLY have to WANT to get clean. More so than anything else in the world. Its a not an easy place to get to because lets face it, when you take heroin you reconfigure what you would normally class as 'rock bottom' to become acceptable - so you pretty much put up with anything & do everything to get dope. The only real way is by seeking medical advice - methadone or subutex is probably the best options available. I know you've said you tried methadone - but this time you REALLY need to try it. And you need to stick at it. After you've stabilised on methadone - the best thing to do is taper as required by your Dr. I myself am not into the idea of 'AA' type meetings (though i agree that it is great for some people) - your Dr may advice some form of counselling - which you may wince at the idea of, but you may as well at least try.
Dude you're hanging out with a homeless guy who shouts at you - is this where you thought you'd end up at this period of your life? IF you want it - you can have it. You've just got to want it more than heroin.

I am 11 months clean of methadone & nearly double that from heroin. IT IS possible.
more importantly - Life is so much better.

keep posting - every little bit helps
Hi digmusic.

Give these life courses some consideration:

-You stay on heroin and die on the streets from an overdose, hypothermia, infection or AIDS.
-You stay on heroin and get busted. You detox while incarcerated--- cold turkey, harsh and ugly. When you wake up from your dope hangover, you have a prison sentence to look forward to while clean. Life is BAD in prison, my man. I was arrested on a DUI charge and spent one day there, more than enough for me.
-You go get help NOW. I plead with you, friend. GO GET HELP! Get the methadone and the counseling that will save your life.