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I haven't been able to get off the heroin yet because I've tested the waters to see how sick I'm gonna be when I start to withdraw, and it's so bad. Muscle cramps that leave me doubled over and crying, sh!!ing myself, it's... it's really bad. Also more than anything I just loathe not being able to sleep for 6 days straight which is what happens to me. I was wondering if I do a methadone or suboxone detox for a few weeks if A. the withdrawals from that will be as bad as quitting heroin cold turkey and B. which withdrawals are worse, methadone or suboxone? I really would like to do it cold turkey and not have to pay 20 bucks a day for pills, but I can't afford to miss anymore work or school and I would have to if I'm puking and not sleeping etc. I loathe drugs, I loathe them!!! I can't believe I let them take me over once again. I don't believe in the devil, but if I did, opiate withdrawal is definitely the devil's creation.
I havent heard good things about methadone, however it works for some people. Suboxone and proper counceling can realy start you off on a new path and get you going on the long road to recovery. If you follow the treatment programs that suboxone doctors can lay out for you, and you are really willing to get clean, you will have a much higher chance at beating the addiction then you would cold turkey, or alone. Suboxone gave me that push I needed to really start recovering from addiction, and to start a new drug free life
hey dig - i tried for several years thinking i could just jump from heroin to methadone/subutex and get of these before i got addicted to them. unfortunatley it doesnt work like that. The best thing is to do a gradual taper once you have stabilised. I understand that due to circumstances this might be difficult for you to maintain. Have you seen a Dr yet? or anyone for professional help?
Yes I've seen a doctor but I am not looking to do a maintenance program, I'm just trying to go through withdrawal as painlessly as possible. I know I will have withdrawals from methadone detox, I'm just asking if methadone detox will be less painful than stopping heroin cold turkey.I actually don't even know where to find suboxone.
<[COLOR="Red"]removed>From personal experiance (realy depends from person to person) methadone WDs were not as bad as coming straight off of a heavy opiod such as heroin or oxycottin, however they seemd to last alot longer (4-5 weeks for me, but agian verys from person to person). Ether way when you quite your going to have to go threw some discomfort no matter what, and that might make you turn right back to were you started. The best idea in my opinon is to go on the website, find a Dr. and start treament, I was on suboxone for about 9months and i slowy taperd down to nothing!! Now i have started a new life drug free. Trust me you will be fare more succesful if you get into a program then try to beat the addiction yourself.
As far as im aware, the withdrawals (as nascent has stated previously) from methadone usually last longer than heroin. It depends how much heroin you are using too -