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I have recently posted about my fiance being an alcoholic, now i need some advice for myself as well but please read my other post too that is a very hard situation im going thru as well. I started methadone about 3 months ago due to an opiate addiction i was taking opiates for 8 years i didnt get them illegally i always got them prescribed as i have pain issues and multiple surgeries. I was on Vicodin, percocet, lorcet. And i was first on the vicodin 10 mg. and i took about 12 of those a day then i started the lorcet and that was about 22 a day then i moved to the percocet and that also was about 22-25 a day and my pain doctor also helps addicts and he had asked me if i felt i had a problem and i finally admitted it to him. and told him how much i was REALLY taking he thought i only took 8 a day. But he put me on methadone for my addiction and for my pain problems and i know i am addicted to the methadone as well i will admit that some days i take way more than i am supposed to i am supposed to take it 4 times a day but sometimes i take 8 and then i feel guilty. but 4 a day isnt enough for my pain sometimes, i have explained this to my doc but he dosent want to increase my dose. which i understand. but what do i do? i have heard alot of bad things about this medication and pharmacists treat me like crap when i go to get them filled. I went to one pharmacy and they tried to tell me they couldnt fill it because it was too early, which it was early by one day, but yet they always tell you to get your script filled before you run out and i looked into this and by law it can be 3 days early on a schedule 2 and i talked to my insurance company about this as well. And he yelled at me and said it was too early my insurance wouldnt cover it which i knew was a lie bcuz i spoke to my inxurance company. Then i asked if i could just pay cash then and he said no to that as well! I also had 2 other non narcotic scripts with me and he said he would fill those for me in 15 minutes and i had my 3 yr old who gets restless and since we got into an argument over the methadone he took like 45 minutes to fill ithe others, people who came after me got there scripts first! i told my doc about this and he said people will treat you different when they kno you are on it, and it is true! They all think i was on heroin and even if that was the case which it isnt why do they gotta be so mean. Anyways, is this a good drug, i want to have another child in the future what will i do when i get pregnant? will on have to be on this for the rest of my life. i have heard it referred to as "the demon drug" and that freaks me out i didnt know much about it anyone have a bad experience or good experience? please share your opinions and stories on methadone. Thanks!
I take Methadone for my pain from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I have been taking the Methadone for about four years now.
In the beginning I was more tired than usual. I also gained some weight. But I don't know if I gained the weight from Methadone or from the Lyrica which I also need to take.
It did take almost a month if not more for my body to get used to taking the Methadone. But now it is just fine.
The only problem I may have from time to time is constipation. And that you would have with any narcotic medication.
I'm not stupid. I realize that I will need to go off this medication very slower. But I don't see why there would be problem if I follow the doctor's rules and take this very slowly when trying to come off of this.
But I have also tried many different kinds of medication for the pain associated with RSD and none of them have done anything like the methadone has done. So for me that speaks volumes to have something finally give me some help with my pain level. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask me. Take Care,
Thanks chris, do you know anything about women taking it during child bearing years? we plan on having another baby not for a while but we do want another one. is methadone safe for that? And did you ever take more than you were supposed to? I have and felt guilty about it. But i hurt. My doc dosent want to increase my dose and i dont know why some days i need to take 5 a day sometimes 6 but most days 4 a day as prescribed. But he only gives me enough for 4 times a day for a month and i always run out early he always writes them early because he knows how i have to take them sometimes. But his office is an hour and a half away from me and i cant constantly be driving there my car isnt in the best condition and gas is expensive. How should i talk to him about this again? and what do you do about the constipation? I have it horribly and i have tried everything, and i have gained ALOT of weight why would methadone make me gain weight? i dont get it and it is bad i barely fit into my clothes anymore, and i have always took pride and loved my slim body, and i went from a size 3 to a size 9-11 in like 3 months and i dont know what to do and why did that happen?
Anyone out there that can give me advice on the methadone let me in. I have been on it 3 months and have had withdrawals when i havent taken it, so am i just trading one addiction for another? i definately have more energy and do feel alot better than when i was taking the percocet, vicodin, lorcet, klonopin, oxycodone. I can say that. But whats gonna happen when i have to come off of it? the doc dosent plan on taking me off for a long time, but like i had said before i am 24 and i want another baby it wont be for a while before we have another baby we have to much going on in our lives that we have to fix before we bring another child into the mix we already have one and we really want another one, but not until our lives are in great working order. But what will happen say if i accidentally got pregnant, we are very very very careful so i am not really worried about that but things happen, what would happen to me and the unborn child? would i have to go thru withdrawals or would they put me on a different type of medication during pregnancy? When i was pregnant with my daughter ( this was waaayy before i was on methadone) I had been taking vicodin for about 4 years before i had gotten pregnant and i was actually going to my doc appt to get my med refills and i had complained about pelvic cramps he ran a pee test and i was pregnant!! to my surprise!! So I didnt take anything all day that day, and i went to the obgyn the next day and they told me i could taper from the vicodin and as long as i didnt abuse them it wouldnt hurt the baby i was shocked!!! so i took like 2 a day and had withdrawals and bad headaches, they sent me to a neuroligist and he prescribed me tylenol #3 and my obgyn said hat was safe, i took it thru out my whole pregnancy i never exceeded more than 3 a day and i didnt take them everyday and during the last month of my pregnancy i didnt take it anymore and i never felt better, i felt like yay im finally off these pills!!! I felt great. But after i had her, they were giving me dilaudid in the hospital because i had to have 20 stitches u know where because she was so big i tore bad. SO when i went home they sent me home with a script for norco and darvocet, norco when it was real bad darvocet when it wasnt so bad, and i was instantly hooked again, and i didnt think just taking them for a short period would have me hooked agin but oh yes i was hooked and ever since i just kept moving up to stronger stuff never any street drugs always the prescription pain pills.I should have never of taken them after i had her i should have thrown away the scripts but i was dumb and thought i would be ok now i know once your addicted to something you cant just take one and be fine its like all of a sudden as soon as it hits your brain, you are addicted again. But now i am on the methadone and feel alot better i do take extra some days but i do have pain as well. and some days i just need a little more, im getting better with that and trying to just substitute tylenol instead of more methadone. But im rambling again it just feels good to get it off my chest i have so much to say. I just want to hear others stories about methadone. Thanks for reading this long post if you have gotten all the way to the bottom :)
Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. If you are running out of the methadone every month then for sure it is time to talk to your doctor about this.
I know that I started on a lower amount when I was first prescribed the methadone. Remember now that I am taking mine for a chronic pain condition called, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It is very painful and it has now spread to both feet, right leg to the knee, left leg only to the ankle and in both wrists. It started in my only right foot after I had bunion surgery in November of 2005.

Anyway, when I first started taking the Methadone I would too run out too early. And the withdrawal from methadone is absolutely terrible. I never want to feel as bad as I did the first time this happened. Thankfully that has not happened in over two years. But I can remember it as if it was yesterday!!!

I realize that if there should come a day when my doctor would want me off the methadone that there will need to be plan to taper me off in place. Because methadone has such a long half life that I would imagine that it would take a good year to taper slowly off of it. And that is the only way to do it, very, very, slowly.

I don't know enough about being pregnant and taking the methadone to give you any advice. That would be something that you need to talk to your doctor about. But common sense tells me that being pregnant and taking methadone is not a good idea and perhaps would be even dangerous for the baby. But again talk to your doctor about this concern.

There are plenty of "cons" for not taking the methadone. But for me personally the "pros" out weigh them. Methadone is the only medicine that with the Lyrica that i take as well seems to really help my pain. I have never felt a "high" from the methadone, so I am able to carry on with my life. Sure in the beginning the methadone made me sleepy but that passed. Also methadone was so much less expensive than other narcotic pain medication.

Recently my doctor told me that my RSD will probably not get much better than what it is right now. As a matter of fact, I very well may get worse down the road. So I don't foresee me stopping the methadone anytime soon. And that is OK with me.

Methadone works well for me on many different levels. I am disabled and am fortunate enough to be approved and collecting a monthly social security disability check. But I could see that having a full-time job and having to take a higher dose of the methadone may cause some problems. Like I mentioned before in the beginning the methadone did cause some drowsiness for me. This did go away, but there are times when I just don't feel as alert as I should. And every now and then I just can't seem to get out a word that I am trying to. My short term memory is not the same as it was either. Some of these side effects are also from the RSD. But I think that the methadone may also play a part in the side effects.

So it is a big decision you need to make as to continue the methadone or not. I believe you said that you have been taking it for three months now right? I would imagine that after three months of taking the methadone, if you would have to or want to stop it you would need to also go on a very slow taper.

Is the methadone helping you at all? I believe you also said you taking this for a addiction issue. Even though we are taking them for different issues we will still have the same things to think about as to whether you want to continue the methadone or not. If it is helping you to straighten things out for yourself, then why stop it. If it allows you to feel strong enough not to take other things, then why stop it. In other words; if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

I don't know if I helped you or not. But I did let you know my feelings concerning methadone. As for me, I will continue to take methadone as long as it continues to help me live a better life with the RSD.

Take Care and lots of hugs,
Im sorry you feel pain, i hope your not sufferring that bad. Maybe you could try a different route, maye talk to your doctor, im sure he didnt tell you to go on methadone, if he did lose him. GOOD LUCK
i took methadone for a year before sucessfully reducing to zero. if done properly then its a great cure. i was addicted to heroin for a long time. if it wasnt for methadone i think id still be an addict - or in a jail - or both.

hope this shows some positive vibes :)
I''m not sure why Tony would say that we should lose our doctors if they were the ones that decided that methadone would be the best route for us to take.

I feel that he does not have the right to tell us that our doctors were wrong is prescribing us the Methadone.

I'm sorry if he perhaps may have had a bad experience with the Methadone. Well actually I don't know why he would say what he said because he never elaborated as to why he feels the way he does.

And although I appreciate his concern for people that are taking methadone, I think I will continue to listen to my doctor as well as how I am feeling. After all it is my choice and my body and without more input from him I can't really go by what his advice is. Thanks again though, for caring enough to reply.

Take care and lots of hugs.
My bother is a herion addict,and so is his girlfriend.They now take methadone,they wake every morning like robots run to the meth lab,get there dose and be delusnial and think just because r govt says its ok its ok.I would love to see the percentage of people who make it thru that program,maybe 5 percent.Ive watched my bother withdraw from herion and methadone they were equally just as painful.The only differnce between herion and methodone is that the govt taxes the methodone and its regulated,big deal.When my bother is off both herion and methodone,his soul comes back,i can see it.If he is on one ofthose drugs my little bother loses his soul and mind.Ask your doctor if he would give his child methodone,if he tells you yes,leave right away.
Im 25 Im On 120mls Per Day. Every So Often Im Sick. Also I Can Never Do A Number 2. Ever Since Taking Methadone My Health Has Deteriorated. In Scotland In The Uk This Is All Doctors Are Giving Us Addicts. I Wish Wen I First Went On It That They Offerd Me Subutex (suboxin). Now This Is Not A Opiate Based Drug And Users Dnt Get Fallin Out Teeth. There Health Is A Lot Better And Also Is A Lot Easier To Get Off Ov.
Dear Rangers; Even though you say that in Scotland Methadone is all that they offer addicts who need help, couldn't you still ask to try the Subutex? I understand that you are taking the Methadone in the liquid form right? Is that why you feel that the Methadone is rotting your teeth?
I take my Methadone in pills and I have not experienced any problems with my teeth rotting.
I'm sorry that this is happening to you! And I hope that once you discuss your concerns that you will be able to go on the Subutex. I believe from reading about Subutex from other posts, that you need to taper off or at least down some from of the Methadone before you can try the Subutex. I wish you all the luck with switching and I hope that when you are able to try the Subutex that it will work wonderfully for you and that you will be happier on it!
Take Care and Lots of Hugs,
I just want to add that my son, who was a healthy 34 year old, was prescribed Methadone for chronic pain. He died last August of a "mixed chemical intoxication" by taking it as prescribed. Methadone has a dangerous half-life and can cause fatal heart arrthymias. Please do your research before taking Methadone. There are much safer narcotics than Methadone.
I am testing to see if my post goes through. I do take Methadone and would like to respond but let's see ..

I was looking through the posts when I came across yours. The true reason your postings caught my attention is because of the question you asked regarding pregnancy while on this treatment. Although I have never personally used methadone, I did take my little brother's girlfriend (who I will call *Jane) to her treatment every morning for months. She was pregnant during her methadone treatment. She began her treatment about three months into her pregnancy due to a relapse with Lortab and some other prescription medications she had had past addiction problems with. She too was prescribed these drugs years ago due to an injury when she was 16. She is now 26 and has been battling with her addiction for 10 years now. No one can ever really say with 100% certainty what problems can arise from any type of drug use during pregnancy, as I am sure you realize. Her labor went very well, but she did have a c-section because of the number of past c-sections she had been through. I can't begin to guess if methadone use would even effect a labor at all, to be honest. I am just trying to share with you as many details as possible. The baby was born seemingly without problems, although he was a bit small for a boy. He weighed in at just over 6 pounds. The worst thing about it was the withdrawal symptoms he went through, and is still, unfortunately going through, at three months of age now. They kept him in the hospital for about a week after delivery to start him on a sort of step down program.. He is on a "weening" dosage of methadone even now to help battle through the painful withdrawal of this drug. When they finally released him, he seemed to be doing well, but eventually ended up back in the NICU when he began to have breathing problems. This was about two weeks after his release. The doctor told us that he was not doing as well as they would have liked and decided to up his dosage. I would definitely advise you to think about remaining clean for a while before your next planned pregnancy. Like I said before, no one really knows what problems can be created from drug use during pregnancy, but it really isn't worth the risks.