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i am looking for anyone who has advice on getting off methadone, ive been on it for 5 plus years and desperately want to get off....i started taking it for opiate addiction, however, when i entered the 'treatment center' they explained that it was a 12 to 18 month program....'give or take, depending on how well one does' ive been there over 5 years and ive NEVER had a dirty drug screen (the center random drug tests) still, no one, with the exception of me, feels i am ready to start some sort of detox. i am very grateful for what methadone and the clinic did for me as far as getting my life back on track but there have been a lot of negative side effects with the methadone and i remain a 'prisoner' to the drug and the center itself, ive been hearing about suboxone...subutex...and i am hoping this might work for me..i would be very grateful for any advice/opinions that could be offered....i never dreamed i would be on methadone this long and im starting to feel there is no way out....ive even spoken to other 'clients' at the clinic and ive yet to speak to anyone who has any desire to EVER get off methadone...i cant express how much the thought of being on methadone for 'life' depresses me.....
Hi - i know how you feel. I know dozens of people who've been on methadone for 5-10 years (through their own choice). You need to be forceful and tell the people at the clinic that you are ready to taper off methadone NOW. Dont take no for an answer. If they continue to say you need stay on methadone - then tell them you will take the matter further and will write speak to the American Medical Association or whoever deals with this kind of thing stateside (in the UK its the BMC). Tell them what you've told us. If they continue to prescribe, then tell anyone and everyone if you can - local officials, newspapers etc. Hopefully it wont come to this though.
Im sure if you put forward your case, and that if everything is as you say (clean drug tests/screens) then im sure they will see that you are making 'progress'. Ask why they think you are not ready after 5 years?????
They need to reduce the ammount you take, gradually over a period of time (usually agreed with your doctor). When you get to under 30ml/mg then you may want to switch to subutex/suboxone - then continue to taper off till you are eventually drug free & clean.

I must add that I succesfully tapered off methadone ( a year ago yesterday i took my last dose) and i didnt feel the need to go down the subutex route - i felt that it was pointless/futile jumping from one drug to another - thats my personal opinion though ( i felt that i was doing well & that a switch would slow down the momentum of my progress). It is possible to do - & you CAN do it.

You are making one of the most positive decisions you will ever make in life & it will bring so many benefits in the future. You just have to stay positive & focus on the things that REALLY matter to you. Keep these in mind at all times and let them motivate you through the times of doubt/pain. Methadone reduction is a bumpy ride towards the end - there will be some discomfort & lack of sleep while your body ejects the poison from its system - It is 'manageable' though -and most of all, it is WORTH IT.

Hang in there - and let us know how you get on etc. Its always good to post when you need help/advice/reassurance.

take care