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hey raz - you aint going to hell, dont worry. Im sure if you're not abusing or relying on the benzo's then its not going to leave a permanent mark on your soul. I was prescribed temazepam for a week during my methadone withdrawal - it helped me out. though i gave myself a cut off period & didnt ask the Dr for any more after that week was up.
I went through the same symptoms when i was withdrawing - i also have a young son who missed playing with his daddy too. It took me a month to start feeling normality creeping back in (this was just over a year ago) - in the grand scale of things - what is a month when weighed up against the rest of your life? its but a drop in the ocean. With every hour/day that passes, you are THAT bit closer to acheiving sobriety and getting the life you want and being the father that your son deserves. It might seem like a long slog at the moment - but when its over, you'll hopefully never look back. Just keep thinking of that boy of yours when things start to get too much - use it to motivate you, to find that inner strength. I wish you all the best - keep it up & hang in there.

Take it from me - its worth it.

keep us posted as to how you are getting on.