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I can't believe this procedure is still legal. I wonder how much they are leeching you...$5,000...$8,000?

This procedure does NOT have a high success rate. Their claims are false. There is no way you can detox in 4-6 hours, I don't care how much naltraxone, opiate antagonists, et al they pump you up with. Not possible. And you will NOT be asleep the whole time. I have talked to many people with first hand experience, have done much research on this topic and sadly, it does not live up to it's hype. You will be throwing your money out the window. I am afraid it still has to be the slow and old fashioned ways: cutting down, meetings, rehab, methadone, etc... UROD does NOT work and is a dangerous procedure. There are no easy ways out of this, no magic bullets. Be very careful.



(I was looking for some files but I am not having a very good day :( I will look for them later and post them if you like...)

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