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You're right about one thing - you are close to rock bottom but not there yet. If you were, you would be open to doing anything to get better.

Go BACK to rehab. Get off herion in a setting that will elimnate your discomfort. Listen to what you here while you are there after you are feeling better. The day you get out, go to an NA or AA meeting - it doesn't matter - there are plenty of drug addicts in AA - I'm one of them. AT the first meeting, raise your hand, state your name and tell them you are new, you are scared and you need help. You will get it. Go to a meeting every day for 90 days. Find a sponsor. Ask for help every single day - LEAN on the people you meet int he program - that is why it works and you will be helping another person as well. STop hanging around with people who are users. Read my post about being clean for 6 months - my life was HORRIBLE until I faced up to my addiction.

PS - I have friends in the methadone program and they say it is hell. Avoid if possible.