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What all can anyone tell me about methadone and long term effects(METHADONE, not crystal methamphetamine)? I know it works for some people, but is it just switching one addiction for another? What about methadone withdrawel? Any health risks? I know I could call the methadone clinic, but I was hoping someone had some real experience. Instead of them telling me whatever they think I want to hear. Thanks.
Hi Dave -

I don't know personally about methadone, but have two friends that are on it, and go to AA with some people who are on it - everyone I know who is on it can't wait to get off it. Please read my post under your for the person who asked about pain med addiction.

I think you are on the right track with just robbing Peter to pay Paul - trading one addiction for another, and God forbid you "fall off" and start using again, you have a double habit!!! It eases the pain of withdrawal, but then you are left with another withdrawal anyhow - why not just do it once, in rehab, and get it over with... just remember that kicking the habit is only half the battle - joining AA or NA and going to meetings will keep you sober.
Hey guys,

Methadone is another drug. The folks on it usually justify it real well. If that makes them angry then maybe they better look at why that makes them angry. AS the previous posts have stated, Methadone is really a b**** and very painful to kick. You have to eventually get off it. What I have learned by coming to the rooms of NA is that I just need to face life on life's terms. I am an addict and the obsession has been lifted, but the desire is there sometimes. I just have found a new way of life and go through feelings when I need to feel. I don't try to hide behind a substance and have false happines brought on by a mood or mind-altering substance(Methadone). The only real relief is not to put any s*** in your body at all and try to rationalize why you should get on it or stay on it. There are millions of people that face life wihthout it. We as addicts try to cover up feelings, but once we find a new way to think, we find we don't need anything to hide behind.

Good luck, dude.