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"Hello To All"

I have had struggles (Addictions') with Narcotics my entire life. I have been in and out of treatment Rehabs, with not much success. My question is, has anyone here tried "Methadone Maintenance?" Is it working, to keep you off the drugs? I would like to know your experiences, with this type of treatment? And, why you think it is or is not working for you? Thank you, Much!!

I have been on MMT for 3 years and am now in the process of dosing down and getting off. But it has been a life saver for me. It is not for everyone, because just like other drugs if you just stop you will have withdrawls. It gives you time to get yourself together. You quit your drug seeking behavior. But I had a great clinic to go to. There are some out there that are horrible. Also, I believe you need to get into NA, AA or some type of program. There is a methadone board. Go there and ask your question. I think it is called World Methadone. Good luck.
I know a few people who have been on methadone - they all used that method to get off heroin - almost everyone I know is now off the methadone as well.

From what I hear, it can be a life-saving step for a herion addict. HOWEVER, the drawbacks are that IF you start using again while on methadone, you end up with a horrible double habit and you have to kick both and it is sheer hell. Also, it can be expensive, and some clinics treated them like ****. (Or course, the alternative is going back out and scoring from dope dealers who are I am sure soooo much nicer....)

Now, again, the people that I know are all clean and sober and are part of AA/NA. I believe you would have to get involved in a support program to make it work. I mean after all, you goal is to get your life back, right? You can do it - just ask for help and do what you are told. Good luck - I can tell you that sobriety is a beautiful thing.
Hi All, I am a TRUE believer in MMT.I myself have been in MMT for right at 5 years.I went from a $200-$300 a day drug/alcohol addiction to $70 a week for my methadone.Since being on MMT I have returned to college and received a degree.Since starting MMT on 1/9/1997 which happens to be the day my beautiful niece was born.I have no children of my own and have never been married either.But, I have a wonderful 4 year old niece and a 4 month old nephew who I love as if they were mine.Also, since starting MMT I have not touched ANY other drug or alcohol.I was told that a small % of people on MMT lose the craving for alcohol and thank GOD I was one of them!!I went from a 6 case + drinking habit to zero alcohol literally overnight.I now can wake up each day without a hangover and can go to work feeling good.I also don't miss the DUI's, the lost workdays, the fights and the blackouts I put myself through for 12 years of my life.I now attend all family get togethers and really enjoy them.I don't have it in the back of my mind to leave and score some drugs or a drink.I am sorry for rambling on, but I would highly recommend MMT for ANYONE who is serious about changing their life.I went from nearly living on the streets, stealing from family and friends and being not wanted around to finishing college, having good get togethers with my family and having a stable job and money in my pockets.I wish the best for ANYONE!! Just remember you STILL have to live life "ONE DAY AT A TIME"!! Good luck and God Bless You All...Tim G. ARMGA


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