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You know, I have heard that addiction is a disease alot lately, and at first I was very skeptical. My boyfriend is a recovering heroin addict, and is currently on a methadone treatment. I didn't understand much about heroin until I found out that he was using, and now I think I could be a counselor!!!LOL. My b/f has basically used heroin on and off for probably the last 10 years. (or something like that) He went to prison for 2 years because of it, and dealt with all the crap that goes along with that. Now, if you met my b/f, you would never ever see him as a guy who did time, let alone for car jacking (which was his original charge, even though it all boiled down to needing money so he wasn't sick) Now, he put that behind him, or so I thought, but, a couple months after getting out, he ran into the heroin again. (being in the WRONG place and the WRONG time) and bam, he was hooked-again. Blah blah blah, he is now in recovery, and my opinions about his addiction have changed alot. I used to think it wasn't so much as a disease as it was someone just too weak or lazy to quit. Well, he got to the point where he had to use just so he wasn't sick. He didn't want to as having to find it every few hours so your not sick is hell. I really believe that an opiate addiction effects the sensors in your brain. You stop producing whatever it is that makes you feel things. (joy,sadness, whatever) Not only was he physically sick (throwing up, sweating, shaking, etc) he was just "gone" . I think that in time, if you stay clean, your brain starts producing again, but while you are using, the heroin takes all of those endorphines away. It is such an evil drug that i can't imagine why anyone would even want to try it. I think that people always hear about how you can get addicted and stuff like that, but nobody really talks about the ACTUAL withdrawals, how it ruins your life physically, emotionally, financially, and it is completely degrading. It might sound like Iam making excuses for him, and I guess in a little way Iam, but, I know the kind of person he is. If- when he got arrested a few years ago, they would have gotten him some help while he was in prison, maybe things would have been a little different for him now. Alot of people that are in positions of authority think that throwing someone in prison for however long of time will cure them of their addiction. Completely not true. The whole situation is pretty bad because along with the actual "addiction" part-which is awful in itself, if the "disease" aspect is true, it's harder then heck to fight that along with it. But, he is in treatment and doing 95% better. I thank God for this Methadone program that he is on now because it has given him his life back. (meth sits on your opiate receptors in your brain and stops you from hurting, craving, and even stops the effects of heroin if you try to use while on it.) One day at a time I guess. Sorry this is so long.