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I believe, I read one of your posts, saying that you are attending a "Methadone Clinic" for the purpose of "Chronic Pain" ??? I am a Methadone patient as well. My Clinic, will tell you very quickly - that they DO NOT TREAT pain patients! In my State, chronic pain patients have to go to a "Pain Management" clinic, only. And, the patients with a Drug Addiction, must go to the "Methadone Clinics"! How is it, that you are a pain patient, going to a "Methadone Clinic"? Just curious? Thanks.

My dad is on Methadone for pain management.

Yes, I know that it can be prescribed for pain. But, what I am talking about is the "Methadone Clinics" in my area ONLY dispense it for ADDICTION not PAIN. (The PAIN patients, have to go to a "Pain Mgmt" clinic)