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I have noticed that there hasn't been many posts here lately too. Iam not an addict, but my boyfriend is. He was/is addicted to heroin, and is currently on a methadone program here in Michigan where we live. I come on these boards to read, learn, and try and find other people who are in my position. (I don't have too many friends who have addict boyfriends) When I first found out that my boyfriend was using, I was devastated. I was ready to walk out the door, and, sometimes, am still ready. But, I love him, and I know that he is trying. That is really all that matters to me. I think that his addiction is awful, but, I don't dwell on that fact. As long as he wants to be clean, and makes an effort to be, that is all I can ask of him. Christine, I have followed your posts, and when I start to think that my b/f won't make it, I actually think about you. (strange since I don't know you at all) Even though I think your addictions are different, it really is all the same when you come down to it. I can't say that I know what it is like to be in your shoes, because I don't. When it comes to your kids, I can't imagine what your feeling. I know what people think of "addicts" because I used to think the same way. They don't see you as being able to function normally. I wish that every senator, congressman, mayor, governor, parole officer, basically everyone, could or would, get on these boards and just read. Just take a whole day out and read. That is what completely changed my mind on addiction and the people that suffer. So many minds would be changed if they could just see the "human-ness(word?)" of everyone on here. They would see that just because someone is addicted to something, that doesn't mean they are horrid, awful people. Cigarette smokers aren't judged like that, and God knows that is a HUGE addiction. To think that someone would PURPOSELY throw away all of their money on a drug, "just because" is insane. Obviously people can't stop. I know that my b/f used to spend all of his money, pawn things, you name it, just to get his heroin. I used to get so mad because then we couldn't pay the bills. Even though Iam not completely excusing him because the hurt is still there, I understand more how this addiction works. Who would actually "choose" to live like that? When you are addicted, you just can't help it, and that's why addicts live on the street with no money, because they don't have any left. The most normal people have ended up like that (my b/f for example)because of this disease. They don't spend all their money to get high, and not care. They spend it because they can't help it. Instead of locking these people up and treating them like their worthless, HELP them. But, I am getting off topic. I kind of compare it to people who are gay. Those people out there that say that people CHOOSE to be gay, do they honestly think that someone would choose to be ridiculed, and treated badly, on purpose? Of course not. It is just how they are. And, that is an addict. Sure they chose to start using, but when they chose to stop, they couldn't. It can and does happen to anybody and everybody. Ok, I have rambled on enough. Just wanted to say hang in there. You are doing a great job, and you are kind of a light at the end of the tunnel for me. You give me hope that my boyfriend can and will make it. Good luck with your kids. And, whatever decision you make, just know that it will be the right one. :)