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Two things come to mind:

1) Have sombody else dispense the meds to you. You'll have to pick somebody close to you, however, you must also ensure the person you choose does not themselve have a drug problem, or a loved one with an addiction.

This is putting the cart before the horse isn't it? First you must call your pain docs nurse and ascertain if you are still a patient there. What meds was he prescribing for you? When is your next appt, and how many meds do you still have?

2) This part also must take into account the answers to the above, but in the spirit of positive thinking, I submit that if you are EXTREMELY lucky, and your pain doc is unaware of your infidelity to the opioid contract you signed (OR, in the absence of a actual contract, the verbally implied moral one), that you immediately request changing meds to Methadone.

I have no idea what your pain levels are, or for what pain are you being treated, but I do know there is overall excellant pain/PN management using Meth, and not much point in abusing it, as it would bounce back

Fredo, I never signed an opiate contract. He started giving me Vicoprofen and then about 4 months later I switched to MSContin and then a few months after that to oxycontin. Meanwhile I was seeing another doc at the time for quite a while for some nerve problems in my arm shoulder and wrist. He never had me sign one either.

I will find out soon enough what is going to happen I guess, if I am discharged or not.

I am not sure if this doc would put me on methadone. He doesn't seem to really care about prescribing them but is strict about the amount and refills to the day. But I have never heard him even mention its use.