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Please hang in there, DO NOT GIVE UP! You can find a way, there is always a way. Find a doctor who specializes in Addiction Medicine and stick to his program. Methadone is very effective for getting off opioids, you just need to take the time to find the right doctor. And I highly suggest that you and your husband quit at the same time. If he's still using while you're trying to get clean, the temptation will be too great while he still has pills in the house.
I am still struggling with getting my energy back. I suppose thats part of the withdrawl, but I am feeling a little better and better everyday.
Please find a way!
Thanks to all again...
Christine, though when I first read your last message I got angry, you are right. You are truly right. It's all excuses. Every bit of it. Unfortunately it's a lot harder to take the first step in rehab and getting help when the "BAD" hasn't happened yet. I know this. I do. I suppose I am like so many others that think it wont happen to them, when in fact it does. I guess to me right now I am not thinking that it will get worse and that I wont take anymore than I do....but I know it will. Is this denial? I never thought I would be up to the amount I am taking...but I am. So, I know your right and I guess it just pisst me off for the moment that someone else put it the way you did. Your not suppose to do that! ;) But I thank you.
For the first time in a long time I am typing this message and am not on "drugs". I have been without for the last 2 days. By choice, yes. Do I wanna get off of here and call someone to bring me something, you have no idea how bad I am fighting it! But, I am going to try. It's all I can do right now. My husband is doing the same. Aside from the fact that we are addicts, knowing what we are doing to our health has really become a constant thought these days. I look at my kids....actually I find myself staring at them thinking....."How much damage have you done to your liver doing what you have done? How would they feel if something happened to you? Where would they go? What would become of them?" And then I start thinking of how much I am so in love with them. How much I want to see them graduate (and help them along the way). How much I want to see them grow up. How I might not be doing that if I don't stop this and get straightened out. So this is day 2. Though I feel good about it this time, I still feel as though I need something else....some outside help. I am going to call about this tomorrow. I am off and plan on spending the day on the phone looking for the right help. I am not sure about the methadone. For me, I already have an addictive personality and feel in a way that that is substituting one thing for another. I know several people who went thru the same thing I am going thru and are still on the meth....that was 3 years ago. So I am not too sure about that. I think the main thing for me is going to be talking to people with the same "problem". I think that will be a HUGE help for me. I live in a small town and am hoping I can find an NA group around here without having to travel an hour. There has to be one! Small towns have addicts who want help too right??
My thanks again to you Christine for pissing me off and helping me stay off the phone and not make that call I WANTED to make so badly. It really did help :D. Thanks to Capri for your words of encouragement and keep them coming! When I say it makes a difference knowing their are others out there like "me" who feel the way I do and who are going thru what I am, I mean it. It truly does help. In some way every little response keeps me going.
Hope to hear from someone again soon. Mal

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