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Thanks again for replying. I must be on vicodin es for a few more months as I have a second surgery scheduled, and ..when it's over I would have been on it for almost eight months! You get addicted after several weeks so you can see that I am going to have quite a time of it. I can't stop thinking about it as ... when I fall asleep now, ... and wake, I am in such withdrawal from not taking the pills while sleeping!~ It's so uncomfortable, I can't be in my own skin... I can't handle the jonz. I know that I am not supposed to stop taking this medication for a few more months, but if it's this bad now, how will I be then? I live in a small town and the help is probably minimal. I am truly scared! If vicodin es acts in the brain the same way as heroin won't I have to go on methadone or something? I mean, ... my brain doesn't know the difference between the two. I rarely drink, I don't do drugs, I needed back surgery and now I'm an addict? It's so unfair compared to the people who do it to themselves. (sorry no offense to those who did that) but, I did not do that!! I just tried taking half a pill and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I had to take the other one right away. My greatest fear is to be thrown back into work while I'm addicted to vicodin es.. I mean they can't do that can they? Doesn't someone HAVE to help me get over this as I was only doing what I was told? Please let me know? Thanks again for listening.........bye for now.