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I cannot take off from work to detox. Even outpatient programs can be too time consuming. I could detox myself with Methadone, but it's too hard to get it, since doctors aren't allowed to prescribe it. They can prescribe Buprenex, though, & I've heard it works very well. Does anyone know of a doctor in New York City who prescribes Buprenex for patients? It's my last hope. PLEASE

I am sorry - but your post made me laugh.

Continue with your addiction and there will be no job to "take time off from".

Outpatient programs are "too time consuming"?????

Methadone is "too hard to get"?? What do you think you are you detoxing from???

Stop making excuses, you are posting on a board full of addicts. No, it's not easy, pretty, convenient, or fun. Time consuming?? No kidding. You would be creating a whole new life. It's a lot of hard work to get clean and sober, and that is just the beginning. Staying that way is a daily battle.

You have to really want it - to be willing to make your sobriety a priority. Looking for the easy, simple way out?? There is none. When you are serious about getting your life back, you'll know it.
Do not use Methadone if you can find another option..
Can't stress this enough.
I can't say that I totally agree with the post about not doing methadone even if you don't have another choice. I have seen people's lives be completely turned around because of methadone. It has saved their lives. Now I know you have to detox off meth just like you do heroin, but if you believe like I do that opiate addiction is a disease of the brain, and you are at your wits end, methadone is a wonderful way to go. It gives you the time to learn how to live a drug free life again, and when the time is right, you can detox off the meth with the help of your clinic doctor. But, you need to take the time to do it, and I would think that whatever your choice for recovery is, time is the ONE thing that you should have. What's more important then your life?
Methadone should be used ONLY as the "final straw" and is more than likely a life-long commitment..

You should only use it if all other options have been exhausted and failed.

Methadone. This seems to stir a lot of people up. What is the big deal? When comparing dirty street heroin and injecting the filthy concoction directly into your bloodstream, with a substance that is quality controlled and dispensed with correct dosages and under doctor’s supervision…well that is like black and white.

The very first thing, the Mother of Mother’s, is to get the F*** off the smack and I don’t care how you do it. If methadone does the trick, yipee. If AA, NA, CA, OA, SA ad nauseum does it…hip hip hooray.

As for little ole Claudius…well, the green ooze got him out of the smack routine. He then settled down and tried to live without the habits and rituals and emotions and thinking that was attached like super glue to the life.

He then slowly brought the mls down to 45 and then jumped!

That was exactly one year and one day ago today.

[but yeah, only to be used when other options have failed, but at that stage no hesitation IMO]
I agree that methadone should only be used if you've tried everything else. There are some people who completely benefit from NA and AA and all of those type of things, and then there are some people who don't. Like the above post, if you were/are a heroin addict, and your used to shooting just about anything you can get your hands on, what's the problem with using a doctor prescribed medication that is keeping you off the streets, and giving you your life back? Of course it is addictive like heroin is, but when you have nothing left, methadone can be a miracle. But, you have to want to be clean. People can still use while on methadone, but if you are on a correct dose, you shouldn't even want to use. If you are using, then you need to make some decisions about your life. Just my opinion. :)
methadone isn't getting off smack it's getting on a clean fda approved smack...
methadone isn't getting off smack it's getting on a clean fda approved smack...
Claudus - happy anniversary.. I have had friends who kicked heroin with Methadone and said the methadone was a nightmare to get off of - they had to get a herion habit to quit methadone.. yuck!! Congrats. It's hard, I know.
Help-(sorry, I don't know your real name) You seem to have some major problems with methadone. Have you ever been on it or had a bad experience with it? Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I really don't appreciate you saying that methadone is just a form of legal smack. If that's how you feel then fine, but Iam not walking around saying that NA is just a cult and all they do is brain wash. If you don't like methadone fine, but please don't make statements that aren't factual. You may have had that experience with it, but not everybody does.
Jroeglin, that's not my opinion that's what methadone is.
It triggers the same opiate receptors in the brain with the same intensity. People that go on methadone are usually commiting to it for life.
I have not been on it but am very aware of it's effects in both a clinical and biological setting.
I'm a biochemist in the US.
To refer to Methadone as Legal Smack is not only degrading to those who are on it, it is also an insult. I understand it blocks the receptors in the brain, and I also understand that if taken properly, it does not get you high, and it KEEPS you from using heroin. I also understand how someone who has only read about it could see it as just another way for a junkie to get loaded. However, seeing as you have never been on it nor had any first hand experience with it, I don't see how you can be so opinionated about it. Just because your a biochemist doesn't mean that you know what it's like to be a methadone patient, or to live with a methadone patient. Methadone is a prescribed medication for a disease of the brain. If you want to call it "legal Smack" that is your right. However, I would think that on an addiction board, you would be a little more careful with what you actually say. And, just because you are a methadone patient now, does not mean you will be for the rest of your life. What if we thought about heroin that way? Oh well, I am addicted to heroin now, so I guess I will be on it for the rest of my life? Recovery is recovery, period. I thought this was an addiction support board? I thought we were here to help people, not degrade them and make them feel they are less of a person because, as you put it, they are on "legal Smack". Thanks for your opinion. I will think twice about coming here for any questions I may have.
All i'm saying is detoxing on methadone is harder than detoxing off heroin.
I know the ins and outs of methadone in a clinical and neuro-chemical setting. I worked with the leading research team and chemists of the creators methadone.
Like i said before use only if all other options have been exhausted.
Sorry that I reacted like that. I guess Iam just going insane trying to deal with all of this. Methadone is definitely harder to get off then heroin, and that sucks. I guess I just wanted to get my point across that it is helpful for those people who have tried everything else. I have seen my boyfriend try everything to kick his heroin habit, and it seems that nothing has worked. He has been in and out of rehabs, and always went back to using. When he finally got on the methadone program, it seemed that maybe we had found a little light at the end of the tunnel. But then his PO forced him off meth cold turkey, and he went back to using because he was so violently sick. He has since detoxed off heroin in a rehab, but that was only a week ago, and he has started going to NA and AA meetings. I hope he can stay clean. The thing that makes it all the worse is that if he slipped up and used again, I could handle it because I know that he is trying, but the problem is that he is on parole, and has to see his PO once a week. She know's he has a problem with heroin, but she doesn't see what he has gone through trying to get off it. All she knows is that he has to be 100% clean. So if he slips up, back to prison he goes. (he went to prison because of drugs to begin with) So, sorry to sound to touchy, Iam just trying to handle life right now. :)