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Hi, Ive been trying all week to get off oxy's 20 mg 150 a month,Ive been on them for 5yrs , I am very achy and feel like crawling out of my skin I cant sleep and I was given methadone (4 of them) to help I dont belive in clinics as they can put a mark on my future ,Drs put me on this **** and that gave me an addiction I dont abuse them and take less than prescribed most times and Drs will just get me hooked on something else, does any one have home remidies for withdrawl symptons please help this pain is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the support ,its Sunday afternoon,I finally got some sleep this morning by taken 2 methadone pills a friend gave me and I dont feel that bad right now,I am going to kick some oxy but , I am a tough one and hopefully Ill make it, Im just concerned about my job , I hope Monday I feel up to it and tuesday I get 150 oxys which I asked my wife to not get ,I hope I dont fall .
NA sounds great but the Doc's got me hooked after major back surgery, Im not buying or abusing these pills, to be honest people are always bugging me to sell them so I sell 40 of them when there here @15 a pop, I know Im not proud of it but my point is Im aganst NA and Hospitals I have a job that could hold this aganst me in future promotions , background check by secret service wouldnt like that, get my point ? Thanks for your prayers and I hope your doing good also you sound like a cool dude .